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Monetize your content
Monetize your content alongside other premium titles on the largest and fasting growing ad-supported VOD app.
Reach More Viewers
Blume delivers a dynamic streaming library available providing an easy way to get your new and library content in front of millions of viewers in the US and more.
Supplement Our Library
Blume works with over 200 major studios, cable networks, and premium content owners. We are currently seeking professionally produced, high-quality movies, documentaries + TV series to supplement our library.

How it Works

Blume’s streaming service offers a free ad supported based service to access high-quality shorts, features, documentaries, and series from countries worldwide, film festivals and top film schools. We share revenue with our content partners, while taking responsibility for all marketing and promotion within the platform.

1. We broadcast and stream worldwide.
With Blume TV, we stream to multi-cultural audiences  around the world . To satisfy your licensing requirements, We can geoblock specific countries or regions to restrict access if needed.

2. We’re non-exclusive.
You’re not locked into exclusive distribution with Blume Media Group, and are always free and encouraged to explore additional outlets as part of our commitment to support the Independent Film community. .


Blume TV participates in an AVOD a revenue sharing system called Net Advertising Revenue by stream which pays filmmakers and content creators for every minute their movie is watched by AD revenue.

Each quarter, we allocate 60% of Blume’s net advertising revenue for filmmakers and creators. That revenue divided by the total number of streams watched across all Blume’s Streaming apps, determines the valuation. Each filmmaker is then paid their advertising revenue share  valuation for their film or series, provided a minimum threshold of $1 U.S. dollars is met each quarter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions by contacting us by email here or the support form here.

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